diamond segments Diamond segments Diamond segment is fixed on the saw blade steel base by high-frequency welding or laser welding to form a diamond saw blade, which is widely used in stone mining, block cutting and stone slab edge processing. View Details diamond saw blades Diamond saw blades There are three main types of diamond saw blades produced by Linxing. There is also a small saw blade with a diameter of less than 300mm, which is mainly used for small hand-held machines and is convenient for on-site processing. View Details Diamond wire saw Diamond wire saw Diamond wire saws are mainly used for mining, block dressing and shaping, profile processing, block cutting, slab cutting, reinforced concrete cutting, etc. Compared with traditional cutting methods, wire saws are more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. View Details Stone abrasive Stone grinding and polishing tools Stone abrasives include rough grinding, fine grinding, fine grinding and polishing tools for granite and marble slabs. They are mainly used for automatic polish line, manual polishing machine and hand-held grinders, to process the stone surface. View Details Stone machines Stone machines Stone machinery refers to medium and large stone machinery. Linxing's products mainly include muliblade bridge block cutting machine, gantry cutting machine, bridge block cutting machine, infrared bridge cutting machine, integrated bridge cutting machine, automatic polishing line and manual polishing machine and other commonly used stone machinery. View Details
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