Diamond segments for marble cutting

Marble cutters is a kind of diamond segment used for marble cutting. It is often used on circular saw blades and gang saws.Usually marble segments are copper-based materials. If thesegments is oxidized, it will easily leave rust on the slab. Therefore, most marble segments need to be added with anti-rust materials. Marble has the characteristics of strong abrasiveness and soft material.

Diamond segments for sandstone cutting

Sandstone segment is used for cutting sandstone, . The sandstone material is soft and easy to break the slab edge. Therefore, the sharpness requirements are very high. The sandstone segment produced by Linxing diamond tools is extremely acceptable, and our products can easily cut the Australian and Indian sandstone. Not only that, in terms of price and style, K-shape and M-shape segments also have strong cutting performance for special sandstones.

Diamond segments for multiblade

Multi-blade segment are widely used in Iran, Vietnam, India, Russia, Indonesia and other countries. Multi-blade segments have very high requirements for the stability of the segment. If the segment can’t cut, mostly because the sharpness of the segment is not enough. In terms of lifespan, we also have great advantages. Whether the super hard granite or soft granite, our products(LINXING diamond tools) can cut very fastly and meet the needs of different customers.